Indy Reader Surface-Mount Module Collateral Overview

This page provides an overview of the technical collateral available for the Indy embedded RAIN RFID reader surface-mount modules. For information about the Indy chips, see the Indy Reader Chip Collateral Overview.

The Indy surface-mount modules implement a complete RAIN RFID reader circuit in a surface mountable module. To read tags they simply require power, an antenna, and a host to control operation.

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Introductory Collateral

The reader module brochure gives a quick introduction to the modules and a comparison of their features and capabilities:

The reader module datasheets provide technical detail on the modules, such as electrical and mechanical specifications and detailed pinouts and block diagrams:

General Technical Collateral

The general technical collateral provides more essential technical detail on the module products and their use in embedded RAIN RFID readers:

Advanced Technical Collateral

The advanced technical collateral provides very technical application specific detail on the module products:


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