Indy Reader Chip Collateral Overview

This page provides an overview of the technical collateral available for the Indy embedded RAIN RFID reader chips. For information about the Indy modules, see the Indy Reader Module Collateral Overview.

The Indy reader chips implement an RFID radio inside a 9x9 mm QFN package, and can be used to create high performance and extremely flexible RFID readers with the addition of a small number of RF components and an embedded host microcontroller.

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Introductory Collateral

The reader chip brochure gives a quick introduction to the chips and a comparison of their features and capabilities:

The reader chip datasheets provide technical detail on the chips, such as electrical and mechanical specifications and detailed pinouts and block diagrams:

General Technical Collateral

The general technical collateral provides more essential technical detail on the chip products and their use in embedded RAIN RFID readers:

Advanced Technical Collateral

The advanced technical collateral provides very technical application specific detail on the chip products:


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