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ItemSense API Reference


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ItemSense is a software platform that aggregates and transforms torrents of raw RAIN RFID data into real-time, business-driven Item Intelligence.

The platform provides REST APIs for user and system configuration, and item query; as well as an AMQP interface for item events, customizable for the application’s business logic.

The basic flow through the APIs is as follows:

  • Users are authenticated either by HTTP basic authentication, or token-based authentication.
  • After this, the configuration of the system consists of specifying Reader Definitions, and associated Reader Configurations. One configuration can be used for many readers.
  • Readers (and the items that they identify and locate) can be associated with a Facility. Multiple facilities can be managed by a single ItemSense instance. The physical space of a facility can be partitioned into logical zones, using a ZoneMap.
  • A Recipe specifies the association between the readers and their configurations. Many readers can share the same configuration.
  • Jobs start and stop recipes.
  • Once the readers and their configurations have been specified, and a job has started within a facility, information about the Items can be returned, either via the REST Item and ItemHistory API, or by configuring and subscribing to a Message Queue.


The following diagram shows the REST endpoints in relation to each other.

API Context Diagram

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