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End of Support was announced for Impinj ItemSense on December 14, 2020. Please see the end-of-support product notice for details.

 View ItemSense API Reference

ItemSense® is a software platform that aggregates and transforms torrents of raw RAIN RFID data into real-time, business-driven Item Intelligence.

The platform provides REST APIs for user and system configuration, and item and reader health query; as well as an AMQP interface for item events, reader health events, and threshold transition events.

 View ItemSense Resource Requirements

This page outlines the server and network requirements for an ItemSense® installation.

 View ItemSense Installation Guide

This page describes the installation procedure for the Impinj ItemSense® software platform.

 View ItemSense Management Console Guide

This page outlines working with the ItemSense® Management Console.

 View ItemSense User Guide

This page gives guidelines for using the ItemSense® software platform.

 View ItemSense Reference Guide

This page serves as a reference manual for configuring features of ItemSense®.

 View ItemSense Release Notes

This page documents the latest advancements and improvements to ItemSense®.

 View ItemSense Troubleshooting Guidance

This page documents the latest troubleshooting guidance for ItemSense®.

 View ItemSense Threshold Guidance - V1 and V2 Algorithm Comparison Overview

This application note compares the ItemSense® Threshold Algorithms known as Version 1 (V1) and Version 2 (V2).

 Download ItemSense 2017r1 Shipment Verification Deployment Guidance

This document provides an overview and guidance for deploying Shipment Verification. Shipment Verification is a RAIN RFID use case enabled by Impinj's ItemSense® 2017r1 Threshold Detection for Dock Door Module.

 Download ItemSense 2017r1 Shipment Verification Tag Selection Guidance

This document provides Solutions Engineers in the Logistics Industry with information to enable their decisions when considering RAIN RFID tag selection for Shipment Verification. The document focuses on the management of Logistics and key capabilities of various tag designs that incorporate Impinj Monza chips, so that Solutions Engineers can select the best tag for their needs.

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