Monza 4 True3D Antenna Technology

True 3DTM Supports Omni-Directional Tags and Exceptional Performance

Monza 4 RFID tag chips possess a unique, patent-pending architecture that provides two fully independent antenna ports—enabling high performance, true omni-directional RFID tags for the first time.  This is called True3DTM.

For many applications, consistent orientation of a tag with respect to a reader presents a challenge. And as the read range plot below left illustrates, tags based on conventional tag chips can have blind spots—angles at which they are virtually invisible to a reader, even with creative and advanced tag antenna designs.

In the previous generation Monza 3 tag chips, a dual input structure enabled tags without blind spots for shorter range applications. The Monza 4 True3D antenna technology introduces further improvements by providing true orientation insensitivity as well as outstanding read range performance.

Compare the read range response of the Monza 4 tag (Impinj H42) below to the Monza 3 tag (Impinj H32) and conventional tag chip responses. The response pattern is circular, no angle has significantly lower sensitivity than any other. At every angle, the read range has increased significantly. And this doubling of read range performance comes in a very compact form factor tag.


With True3D antenna technology, readers see tags from any angle, resulting in higher read rates and smaller, less expensive tags— extending RFID benefits to more applications.

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