Indy RS1000 Datasheet

Indy RS1000 is a completely integrated surface-mount RAIN RFID reader module. The Indy RS1000 surface-mount module improves on the Indy RS500’s capabilities with a significant increase in read performance. Existing Indy RS500 users will be able to quickly offer higher performance with their existing hardware due to RS1000's drop-in compatibility. It can be easily added to an embedded system, requiring only connections to a power source, digital communication with a host, and an antenna. The package design allows it to be attached to a PCB using standard surface mount technology (SMT), with no need for additional connectors or mounting hardware. The Indy RS1000 is the easiest way to embed RAIN RFID reader capability.

This is the Indy RS1000 datasheet. It gives a technical introduction to RS1000, and describes performance parameters and specifications.

The RS1000 Development Kit collateral is still under development.

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