Impinj R700 Firmware Support Guide

The Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader comes in several different hardware versions, and the supported minimum firmware version varies depending on the Impinj R700 reader's hardware version. Please consult the table below to make sure your Impinj R700 reader supports the firmware version you are installing, especially when you are downgrading the firmware.

How to Determine Your Impinj R700 Reader's Hardware Version

The Impinj R700 reader's hardware version is indicated by its PCBA. There are three ways to locate your Impinj R700 reader's PCBA version.

1. Label on the Impinj R700 reader

1-1) Look at the bottom side of the R700. You'll see a label similar to the following:

1-2) Take note of the PCBA entry.

2. R700 Web UI

2-1) Open a web browser of your choice and go to http://impinj-xx-xx-xx (xx-xx-xx is the last 3 pairs of your reader's MAC address).

2-2) Click on the info icon mceclip5.png in "Description" - "Impinj R700 RAIN RFID Reader" section, as shown below:


3. RShell Command

3-1) Launch an SSH client such as PuTTy or MobaXterm, make an SSH connection to the Impinj R700 reader, and login to the RShell command interface (root/impinj).

3-2) Issue the following RShell command:

> show system platform

3-3) Take note of "HardwareVersion=" entry, as shown below:



Supported Minimum Firmware Version

Please see the table below for the supported minimum firmware version for your Impinj R700 reader.

R700 Model PCBA Supported Minimum Firmware
R700 FCC (R700-141) 102900-05*
R700 EU (R700-241) 103250-01*
R700 EU (R700-241) 103250-02*
R700 EU (R700-241) 103250-03*
R700 EU (R700-241) 103250-04*
R700 EU (R700-241) 103250-05*
R700 FGX (R700-341) 103251-01*
R700 FGX (R700-341) 103251-02*
R700 FGX (R700-341) 103251-03*
R700 FGX (R700-341) 103251-04*
R700 FGX (R700-341) 103251-05*
R700 FGX (R700-341) 103251-06*
R700 JP (R700-441) 103252-01*
R700 JP (R700-441) 103252-02*
R700 JP (R700-441) 103252-03*
R700 JP (R700-441) 103252-04*


Reader Behavior When Unsupported Firmware is Installed

If you install unsupported firmware onto the Impinj R700 reader, you may experience one or more of the following.

1. You see "Reboot Failed" error message in the reader's Web UI.

2. Impinj R700 reader keeps rebooting.

3. Some RShell commands, such as > show image summary, returns an error such as below:


4. Impinj R700 reader stops responding to user inputs.

5. Impinj R700 reader's IP address setting changes from Dynamic to Static.

6. Impinj R700 reader Web UI doesn't show Mac address, Hardware version, Serial number, and "Upgrade status" shows "12".


If you get into one of the situations above, please issue the following RShell command and see if you can bring the reader back to operational state:

> config image fallback

Alternatively, when the reader reboots 5 times, it automatically reverts back to prior firmware version.

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