Impinj M800 Series Tag Chips Product Brief / Datasheet

Impinj M830 and M850 RAIN RFID tag chips feature low power requirements and unmatched readability that allow businesses to use a single, small tag across a broad range of items — apparel, electronics, sporting goods, home goods, and other general merchandise — within their global operations. Tags built with the Impinj M800 series enhance the performance of RAIN RFID deployments from retail to supply chain and logistics and beyond. Drop-in compatible with Impinj M700 series antenna designs, the Impinj M800 series enables quick time-to-market.

The Impinj M830 and M850 RAIN RFID tag chips set new performance benchmarks and introduce upgraded features, improving upon the Impinj M700 series tag chips. The Impinj M800 series delivers: 

  • Improved tag readability. With 30% lower power consumption, higher sensitivity, wider tuning range, and tighter radio-frequency stability, the Impinj M800 series enables reliable reading of small tags at high volume and speed, supporting efficient global operations.  
  • Enhanced tag reliability and manufacturability. New chip shape and antenna connections improve tag quality, deployability, and performance.  
  • Advanced features. Boosting the ability to mitigate tag clutter, the Impinj M800 series helps RAIN RFID readers inventory the right tags at the right time, avoiding slowdowns and supporting successful deployments.
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