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Speedway Connect


Speedway Connect is licensed software that runs on the Impinj Speedway Revolution readers and gateways which enables users to easily plug-in RFID technology – extending the reach of this powerful data collection technology. The simplified graphical user interface enables even those unfamiliar with RFID to set basic reader configurations. Data is passed to the PC application in keystrokes via USB-HID, serial, Ethernet or Web delivery for RFID deployment without costly software development or middleware expenses.

Supported Browsers: 

As of 2.4.0, the following browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge


Software Downloads and Documentation:

 Version: 2.6.0   Download Current ReleaseDownload File
 - Product Brief
 - Product Capabilities
 - System Configuration
 - Data Integration

 - User Guide

The user guide is embedded in the application.  To access, click on the "?" icon on the right side of each section within the application.  Here's an example:

 Note: Requires reader firmware version: Octane 5.12.3 or later
 Impinj partners can download firmware here.



HTTP Post Demonstration:



Keyboard Wedge Demonstration:


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  • Avatar
    Mike Lenehan

    Posted new Speedway Connect software (version 2.2.0).

  • Avatar
    Mike Lenehan

    Posted new Speedway Connect software (version 2.2.2).

  • Avatar
    Mike Lenehan

    Posted new Speedway Connect software (version 2.4.0).

  • Avatar
    Mike Lenehan

    Posted new Speedway Connect software (version 2.6.0).

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