Speedway Revolution Installation & Operations Guide

The following table contains the latest production releases for use with the Impinj Speedway Reader & Gateway hardware (R120, R220, R420, R640, R660, R680).

Content Download
Firmware  Current Firmware
 Current Firmware Release Notes
 Previous releases

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Document Hardware Version
  PCBA Rev 4 PCBA Rev 5 and above
Quick Start Guide  Download Guide
Certified Regions and Geographies  View Table
Reader, xPortal Installation & Operations Guide  6.4.1  7.5.0
xArray, xSpan Installation & Operations Guide  6.4.1  7.5.0
Impinj RShell Reference Manual  6.4.1  7.5.0
xArray & xSpan Beam Pattern Quick Reference Guide  Download Guide
Drawing & CAD/STEP Files  Download Drawings
Octane Firmware Upgrade Reference Manual  6.4.1  7.5.0
Octane LLRP Guide  6.4.1  7.5.0
Impinj LTK Programmers Guide  6.4.1  7.5.0
Octane SNMP Guide & MIBs  6.4.1  7.5.0
Software Utility  Impinj ItemTest Software
Development Libraries Host Libraries
 SDK Java
 LTK Java
 LTK C++ Linux
 LTK Impinj Definition Files

Embedded/On-Reader Development
 Embedded Development Tools
Application Notes  xArray/xSpan Deployment Guide
 Reader How-To: Health Monitoring
 Reader and Gateway FAQ
 Reader Modes Made Easy
 ...More Application Notes
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