Speedway Revolution Installation & Operations Guide

Here is documentation for the most recent Octane firmware releases for Impinj Readers (R120, R220 and R420) and Gateways (R640, R660, and R680). Please take note to download the correct version for your hardware.

Hardware Version   PCBA Rev 4*     PCBA Rev 5 and above*  
Reader, xPortal Installation & Operations Guide 6.4.1 7.3.0
xArray, xSpan Installation & Operations Guide 6.4.1 7.3.0
Reader and Gateway Embedded Developers Guide 6.4.1 7.3.0
Octane SNMP Guide & MIBs 6.4.1 7.3.0
Reader How-To: Health Monitoring Download Guide
Octane LLRP Guide 6.4.1 7.3.0
Impinj LTK Programmers Guide 6.4.1 7.3.0
Impinj RShell Reference Manual 6.4.1 7.3.0
Octane Firmware Upgrade Reference Manual 6.4.1 7.3.0
CAD/STEP Drawings Download Drawings
Reader and Gateway FAQ View FAQ
* How to find your reader's hardware version

Please check here for previous firmware documentation.

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