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Product Name and Part Number Impinj R700 Antenna Hub (IPJ-A6010-000)
Description The Impinj R700 antenna hub expands the number of antennas that can connect to an Impinj R700 reader by allowing eight antennas to connect to one antenna port for a total of 32 antennas per reader.
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Compatible Impinj Products Impinj R700
Solution Diagram R700_Antenna_Hub_Diagram.PNG
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Product Name, Part Number and Description Speedway Antenna Hub (IPJ-A6001-000)
Impinj's Speedway Antenna Hub provides a low cost opportunity to create a large, contiguous RAIN RFID read zone with many antennas connected to a single Speedway R420 reader. The Speedway Antenna Hub supports up to 8 antennas. A GPIO Adapter for Antenna Hub is also required (not included).

GPIO Adapter for Antenna Hub (IPJ-A6051-000)
The GPIO Adapter and cable for Antenna Hub provides control of up to 4 Antenna Hubs. Each hub supports up to 8 antennas for a maximum of 32 antennas per Speedway R420 (4 hubs/R420 x 8 antennas/hub)
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Compatible Impinj Products Impinj R420
Impinj R120
Solution Diagram Speedway_Antenna_Hub_Diagram.PNG
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