Indy Reader Chip Product Briefs/Brochures

Impinj Indy R500 RAIN RFID chips are ideal for building cost-sensitive proximity readers and provide a platform for OEMs to design devices with embedded read/write capability. The Indy R500 chip is ideal for applications that require proximity (short range) reads of small tag populations such as RAIN RFID printers, handheld devices, tablets, POS solutions, access control, smart kiosks, smart mirrors and shelf readers.

The Impinj Indy R2000 chip allows OEMs to design premium devices with embedded read/write capability utilizing the most advanced RAIN RFID radio technology in the reader chip market. The Indy R2000 chip’s small form factor and high performance enable users to create a diverse set of devices including gateways, fixed readers, handhelds, tablets, POS solutions, smart kiosks, smart mirrors, and shelf readers.

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