How do I emulate an Indy R500 reader chip with the R2000 Development Platform?

In addition to fixed readers like the Speedway Revolution, Impinj offers RFID reader chips known as Indy. The Indy reader chip family consists of three products: R500, R1000 and R2000; you can compare the specifications using this chart.

As you can see from the comparison chart, the Indy R2000 and R500 reader chips use the same package and software architecture so the R500 is drop-in compatible with the R2000. What this means is that you can use your R2000 Development Platform to emulate the R500 for rapid prototyping and development.

To do so, you will need to follow these steps:

1. If not done already, install the IndyTool Program, version 2.3.0, on the PC which will be connecting to the R2000 evaluation board. This is available on the software and documentation CD which came with the R2000 Development Kit.

2. Download the R500 emulation script attached to this article (see below).

 Download R500 Emulation Script

3. Always perform a system OEM configuration backup by going to the Macros tab and selecting the Macros: Create_OEM_Batch. Save the output file to a saved backup_R2000 location.


You will see an error message on the display after the backup is complete, this is normal.


4. Go to the Script tab and select the Run button under Batch Script which will ask for you to point to the location of the R500 emulation script file.


5. After everything is complete, confirm success message and then click on the Reset button.


After reset, the MAC firmware will auto default to profile 4, which is the R500 emulation mode. For verification, you can go to the Profile tab and hit "Get Current" which will let you know that the current and active profile is 4. If you don’t see this, repeat from step 2.


After you are done evaluating using the R500 emulation mode and want to return to the R2000 mode, follow step 2 but choose the backup file you saved earlier in step 1. Then reboot and you are back to the R2000 mode (profile 1).

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