Upgrade Reader Firmware from USB

Octane 4.4 introduced the ability to upgrade your reader firmware directly from a USB thumb drive. Now you don't have to connect to the reader in order to upgrade to the latest firmware. Upgrading the firmware is easy as 1, 2, 3...

1) Put your new firmware image on a USB flash drive in the path 'impinj\revolution\upgrade\images\'. You can see in the picture that I put the firwmare, Octane 4.6.1, on a flash drive to upgrade my reader.

NOTE 1: make sure your USB flash drive is formatted with the File system "FAT". 

NOTE 2: Make sure you do not alter the firmware image file name.  The upgrade will fail if you have any spaces or periods in the file name.

2) Place the USB drive into the USB HOST port of the Speedway® Revolution reader, xPortal, xSpan or xArray reader system while the device is powered. Wait for approximately 2 minutes to allow the device to upgrade the firmware image.  On the Speedway Revolution reader, the power LED will flash amber while the upgrade is in progress. Once the upgrade is complete the power LED will turn solid green.

3) The reader needs a manual reboot to apply the new firmware. Either pull the power or reboot from the webpage.

The reader has now been upgraded and created a file called, status.log in the directory 'impinj\revolution\upgrade'. Here is the contents of the status.log file that shows a successful upgrade was processed:

SpeedwayR-10-25-24: (2010-12-15T20:43:25) - Initiate Upgrade 
SpeedwayR-10-25-24: (2010-12-15T20:44:12) - Reader Upgrade Status: Success: WaitingToActivateImmediate-Waiting for manual reboot
SpeedwayR-10-25-24: (2010-12-15T20:44:12) - Reader Upgrade ended

You can see that the reader firmware has been upgrade from Octane 4.4.1 (1st picture) to Octane 4.6.1 (2nd picture)

See also: How to upgrade your reader's firmware via the reader's web UI.

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