Advanced General Purpose Output (GPO) [VIDEO]

Have you ever wanted a way to easily program indicators, such as a stack light, to notify when the Speedway Revolution reader has lost Ethernet connection, is inventorying tags and/or reading tags, or is even functioning (perhaps power unplugged)? How about setting a pulsed duration of the GPO event (i.e. reading and/or encoding tags on a conveyor belt)?

If so, then Advanced GPO functionality is what you are looking for!

You can control the advanced GPO feature of Speedway Revolution readers using this custom parameter.

  • When set to Normal (default) the GPO is set via the regular LLRP SET_READER_CONFIG message.
  • When set to Pulsed, the GPO changes state based on the SET_READER_CONFIG message, and will change to the opposite state after GPOPulseDurationMSec milliseconds. 
  • When set to "Reader_Operational_Status‟, "LLRP_Connection_Status", "Reader_Inventory_Status‟, "Network_Connection_Status‟ or "Reader_Inventory_Tags_Status‟ the GPO status acts like a Boolean value.
  • When high (true, 1), the corresponding status is true, meaning the reader is operating, has a LLRP connection, is inventorying, has a network connection or tags are being singulated (respectively). 
  • When low (false, 0), the opposite is the case.

The following code sample shows how to configure advanced GPO using the LLRP Toolkit (LTK). The method below creates a SET_READER_CONFIG message on the reader that allows for "Reader_Operational_Status‟, "LLRP_Connection_Status", "Reader_Inventory_Status‟, "Network_Connection_Status‟ or "Reader_Inventory_Tags_Status‟ property to be enabled.

Be sure to send the message: msg.AddCustomParameter(GPO) and to do error checking/handling using MSG_SET_READER_CONFIG_RESPONSE.

private void button4_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (btnOpen.Text == "Close")
PARAM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOConfiguration GPO = new PARAM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOConfiguration();
GPO.GPOPortNum = 1;
GPO.GPOMode = new ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode();
if (rbNormal.Checked == true)
GPO.GPOMode = ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode.Normal;
else if (rbLLRP.Checked == true)
GPO.GPOMode = ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode.LLRP_Connection_Status;
else if (rbPulsed.Checked == true)
GPO.GPOMode = ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode.Pulsed;
GPO.GPOPulseDurationMSec = 2000;
else if (rbInventory.Checked == true)
GPO.GPOMode = ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode.Reader_Inventory_Status;
else if (rbOperatioinal.Checked == true)
GPO.GPOMode = ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode.Reader_Operational_Status;
else if (rbITS.Checked == true)
GPO.GPOMode = ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode.Reader_Inventory_Tags_Status;
else if (rbNCS.Checked == true)
GPO.GPOMode = ENUM_ImpinjAdvancedGPOMode.Network_Connection_Status;
else MessageBox.Show("Error setting GPO Mode");
MSG_SET_READER_CONFIG_RESPONSE rsp = reader.SET_READER_CONFIG(msg, out msg_err, 12000);
if (rsp != null)
textBox2.Text = rsp.ToString();
else if (msg_err != null)
textBox2.Text = rsp.ToString();
textBox2.Text = "Commmand time out!";
else MessageBox.Show("Please Open Reader and continue");


If you are using Java here is some XML and java code that will pulse GPO 1.  Also, please note that the XML SET_READER_CONFIG portion could be used by C, C#, or C++. 

  • First send the following XML to configure the reader:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<SET_READER_CONFIG MessageID="0" xmlns:Impinj=""
<ImpinjAdvancedGPOConfiguration xmlns="">
  • Use the following java to pulse the GPO 1:
GPOWriteData GPOWriteData = new GPOWriteData();
GPOWriteData.setGPOData(new Bit(true));
GPOWriteData.setGPOPortNumber(new UnsignedShort(1));
msg.setResetToFactoryDefault(new Bit(false)); 
LLRPMessage response = connection.transact(msg, 12000);


Here is a video showing Advanced GPO in action!

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