Serial Output with Speedway Connect Software [VIDEO]

Do you need a simple way to capture product EPC (RFID) tag data? Then Speedway Connect software might be just what you're looking for.

Speedway Connect is software that runs on the Impinj Speedway Revolution reader. Speedway Connect software reads EPC data from RFID tags and will output the data directly to your computer without additional software middleware. For example, this is useful for applications that need RFID data over a serial connection. This video explains how to set up Speedway Connect software to send EPC data via serial port to your computer. What you do with that data is now up to you!

For example, you might convert the RS232 serial output from the Speedway Revolution GPIO port to a different data format such as Wiegand, RS485 or CAN using a converter module.

Instead of having to write additional code in your existing application to handle RFID, let Speedway Connect software simplify and streamline the process by giving you that data directly! For more information, please contact Impinj at

Speedway Connect software uses the following serial settings:

115,200 baud (configurable starting in Speedway Connect version 1.4)
8 data bits
No parity
One stop bit

The serial cable should be wired in a null modem configuration (Rx->Tx and Tx->Rx).

NOTE: The following video shows connecting to the Speedway Connect web UI using the following URL:

http://<reader host name>:8080.  

For more recent Speedway Connect versions (version 1.0.4 and newer), you need to use the following URL to access the Speedway Connect web UI:

https://<reader host name>

Notice, this is now a secure (https://) connection and the port (:8080) is no longer needed.  The first time you connect to the Speedway Connect web UI, your browser will inform you that the SSL certificate is self-signed (not signed by a trusted third party). To get around this, just click “Add an exception” in your browser and once you add it to your approved list, you should not see that message again.

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