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Speedway Antenna Hub with BizTalk RFID


The Impinj Speedway Antenna Hub allows the Speedway Revolution reader, model R420, to support up to 32 antennas. 

So, what is required to have these 32 read points appear when using the Impinj Device Provider (IDP) for BizTalk RFID?

The good news is that there is nothing required beyond simply adding the R420 IDP and then enabling the Antenna Hub.

Once that is done, you will see that 32 antennas are available in the 'Sources' section of the R420 Device Properties. 

User-added image

Continuing on to the 'Custom' section, you should see the 32 antennas available in the drop-down menu as shown below.

User-added image

Lastly, you will see that 'Source' for tag reads are reported as if the R420 were a native 32 antenna port reader (which it now essentially is). In the image below we see a tag read reported from antenna port 30. 

User-added image

That's it! No other configuration or programming required; once the antenna hub is enabled, the Impinj BizTalk RFID provider sees the R420 as a native 32 port reader. 

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