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Troubleshooting Reader Connectivity Issues


Connection Method

There are two ways to connect to the Impinj Speedway and Speedway Revolution readers:

1. Ethernet (RJ45) cable between the PC and either directly to the Ethernet port on the reader or through a router, switch or hub

2. Using a DB9 serial cable with an RJ45 adapter to the Console port on the Revolution (Serial port on the Speedway)

Cannot connect when using Ethernet:

1. PC may be attempting to access via wireless (WiFi) port instead of Ethernet port

1a. Turn off WiFi port, remove Ethernet cable and then re-insert allowing the “Acquiring Network Address” message (in lower, right-side Windows toolbar) to time out and then re-attempt

1b. Once connection is established, you can re-enable WiFi

2. Reader will not respond when using host name (speedwayr-xx-yy-zz.local)

2a. Ensure Bonjour is installed on the PC (verify in Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs), if not download Bonjour print services and install it on your PC

2b. Ensure reader is set to dynamic (DHCP) mode by either:

2b-i. Connecting via serial/console and using Rshell command: show network summary and ensure ipAddressMode = ‘Dynamic’

2b-ii. Performing a factory reset on the reader

2c. You may need to flush the DNS cache on the PC

3. Reader is set to known static IP address and will not respond

3a. Ensure IP address of reader is using same subnet mask as PC

3b. Check for duplicate IP addresses assigned on the same network

3c. Reader can only support one connection at a time - ensure no one else is connected

4. “Connection Denied” errors

4a. Possible firewall issue – add the reader IP address and/or host name to your firewall program as “safe” or “allowed”

4b. Ensure you have the appropriate region firmware installed

4c. If an embedded Custom Application Program (CAP) is running on the reader it will refuse a connection. You can check this by connecting via serial port and using the Rshell command: show image summary

4c-i. If one of the arguments in the displayed summary list is PrimaryImageCustomAppVersion, then a CAP is installed. It can be removed by performing a factory reset on the reader.

Cannot connect via serial/console port:

1. Ensure you are plugged into the port labeled “Console” on the reader and NOT the port labeled “Ethernet”.

2. Check that modem settings are correct:
• Bits per second = 115200
• Data bits = 8
• Parity = None
• Stop Bits = 1
• Flow Control = None

3. Use DB9-to-RJ45 cable from Impinj (part # IPJ-A4000-000) or, if using different cable, ensure pin out matches the one shown in Section 2 of this document

4. If using a USB-Serial adapter, ensure the adapter is using an FTDI chip:http://www.ftdichip.com/Products/EvaluationKits/UC232R.htm

Some less frequent issues:
1) Defective Ethernet (RJ45) cable(s)
2) Routing table issue
4) ARP cache is corrupt
5) Most modern PCs have an auto-crossover network card so that you can connect directly between your PC and the Revolution reader. However, if using an older PC or have tried everything else, you should try either connecting through a switch, hub or router or else use an Ethernet cross-over cable.

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