Troubleshooting issues using Impinj Antenna Hub with Speedway Revolution reader

Are you having any of the following issues when using the Impinj Antenna Hub with a Speedway Revolution reader?

  • Reader's power and status LEDs are solid green, but you have intermittent connection to the reader's Web UI and RShell interface
  • A second Antenna Hub is showing up in the reader's web UI even though you're only using one
  • You're getting intermittent tag reads from antennas connected at the Antenna Hub or directly to the reader's four root antenna ports
  • Tag reads are reported on the wrong antenna port number

If you answered yes, then there could be a problem with your setup and/or hardware.  Here are some troubleshooting steps to follow and recommended actions.

1) Are you using an Impinj Speedway Revolution four-port (R420) or one-port (R120) reader?

  • The Impinj Antenna Hub product only works with our four-port or one-port Speedway Revolution readers.

2) Have you installed the latest firmware on the reader?

  • Your reader must be running software (firmware) version or later.  Contact the Impinj partner who sold you your reader to get the latest firmware.

3) Have you enabled Antenna Hub on the reader?

  • Make sure you have enabled the Antenna Hub environment on your reader.  You can confirm this setting by checking the reader's web UI and looking  under the "Antenna Hub" section.  It should say "Enabled" next to Feature Status as shown in this screenshot:Ant_Hub_WebUI_01.png
  • If you have not enabled Antenna Hub, then click the "Enable" button on the web UI.  
  • You can also enable Antenna Hub through RShell by issuing the following command at the RShell root command prompt:

         > config feature enable anthub

4) Reboot the reader

Please make sure you reboot the reader

     a) prior to starting to work with the antenna hub or

     b) after changing any configuration of the Antenna Hub.

5) Are you using the right GPIO adapter cable?

  • Impinj ships a one-foot HD15 cable with each Speedway GPIO Adapter kit (PN: IPJ-A6051-000).  NOTE: this cable is NOT a VGA cable like you would use with a PC monitor.  Please don't use that kind of cable.  The proper cable to use with Antenna Hub is wired such that all pins are wired straight through.


6) Is your Impinj Antenna Hub connected properly?

  • Let's test your setup with just one antenna hub.  Connect the HD15 GPIO Adapter cable between the reader's GPIO port and the GPIO Adapter box.  Connect a standard network (CAT5) cable between the GPIO Adapter box (port 1) and the Antenna Hub.  Connect a coax cable between the Speedway Revolution root antenna port 1 and the Antenna Hub.  Your setup should look similar to this:Ant_Hub_Setup.JPG
  • NOTE: please make sure your coax connectors are the correct type.  For example, make sure there is a center pin in the SMA connectors (SMA male).

7) Check Antenna Hub status through Reader's Web UI and/or RShell

  • From the reader's main web UI, click on the red "Show" button in the Antenna Hub section.  At the top of this screen, click the "Check Connections" button.   If things are working correctly, you will see a green check mark icon over the first antenna hub (this is browser-dependent and it may not always show) and the table below the picture will show only one hub connected.
  • Does your status look like this instead?
    Ant_Hub_WebUI_02.png Ant_Hub_WebUI_03.png
  • If you are seeing the above status screen (with a second antenna port showing connected and the fault is "RF power"), please contact the Impinj partner who sold you the Antenna Hub hardware.  You may have a bad GPIO Adapter cable.
  • To check Antenna Hub status in RShell, type the following command at the root RShell prompt:

         > show anthub summary
  • The following information will be displayed:    
  • If you see "AntennaHub[2]ConnectionStatus='Connected'" and "AntennaHub[2]Fault='RF power'", please contact the Impinj partner who sold you the Antenna Hub hardware.  You may have a bad GPIO Adapter cable.
  • Optional check: If you want to confirm that the GPIO Adapter cable is the problem, check for continuity on each pin of the HD15 cable.  This cable should be wired such that all 15 pins are wired straight through.  If you find any of them shorted to the frame or each other, then you have a bad cable.
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