Troubleshooting a Faulty Reader

If you have a Speedway Revolution R220, R420, or R640 (Speedway xPortal) reader that is giving you trouble, here are the steps Impinj recommends that you follow. Progress through these steps until your problem is resolved.

  • Make sure the reader is connected to a proper power supply. Reboot the reader.
  • Perform a factory default reset. After the reader has fully rebooted, the power and status LEDs should be green. Here is a link to a video showing the reset process: Performing Factory Reset on the Speedway Revolution Reader
    • Note: this procedure only resets the device; it doesn't remove custom software installed on the reader.
    • If your reader does have custom software, it's best that you work with the Impinj Partner that loaded the custom software onto the reader. However, there is a way you can remove custom software and restore your reader to the factory state. You can do this by pressing the FDR button for 10 seconds (rather than 3 seconds).
  • After resetting the reader, it will be set for a dynamically assigned IP address. Ping the reader using the "speedwayr-XX-YY-ZZ" reader name (where XX-YY-ZZ are the last three octets, or groups of numbers, in the MAC address of the reader). If network communication is working, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, contact your Impinj Partner for technical support or check out this article: Troubleshooting Reader Connectivity Issues
  • Using ItemTest software, try to read tags using a set of known good tags, known good antennas, and known good cables. A failed cable (or tags) can often lead people to think that their reader is broken.

If you're unable to complete these steps, it's likely that your reader has failed. Please contact the Impinj Partner you're working with and provide your serial number. If the reader is under warranty, Impinj will initiate the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process.

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