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Monza X Antenna Design Application Note


Download Monza X Antenna Design Application NoteDownload File


The Impinj Monza® X-2K Dura and Monza® X-8K Dura ICs are UHF Gen2 RFID tag chips featuring an I2C data interface in addition to the UHF RF link. This application note provides details of the Monza X RF interface. Concepts presented here include the following:

  1. Antenna and air link principles unique to UHF RFID
  2. Monza X RF port characteristics and equivalent models
  3. Antenna options and antenna types suitable for use with Monza X
  4. Impedance matching techniques

Impinj publishes a separate application note detailing the data interface, available here.:

This application note references and builds upon information documented in the Monza X Dura data sheets.

A set of example antennas is provided with this document in the form of a zip archive of DXF layout artwork. The attached zip contains the full antenna design application note and the following files, referred to in this document:

  • MonzaX-slot1.DXF
  • MonzaX-slot2.DXF
  • MonzaX-loop1.DXF
  • MonzaX-loop2.DXF
  • MonzaX-monopole1.DXF
  • MonzaX-monopole2.DXF

Download Monza X Antenna Design FilesDownload File


The layout files are intended to streamline the integration of Monza X into customer applications which call for an antenna on a circuit board. Monza customers are free to use these layouts, modify them as necessary, and integrate them into their pcb designs. All of the layouts have a layer called “ground” which shows keepouts or critical features in the immediate vicinity of the antenna. The outer boundaries of the ground polygon, away from the antenna, are non-critical and may be modified as desired. Each antenna presented in this app note has been physically constructed and measured. Performance data come from actual over-the-air measurements in the Impinj antenna chamber.

Also included here is the Monza X demo board schematic.

Download Monza X Demo Board SchematicDownload File

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