Monza 4 Packaged Parts Product Brief


With availability of Monza® 4 tag chips in a packaged format (Monza 4 Dura), Impinj extends the advantages of fully EPCglobal-compliant, high-performance, Monza-powered tags to printed circuit board (PCB) applications and enables ruggedized tag designs.

Monza 4 Dura is supported by standard PCB surface mount assembly techniques, meaning easy integration into products designed with PCBs, as well as other electronic applications where soldered connections are preferred. Impinj encased the Monza 4 tag chips in a μDFN package, making it the industry’s smallest and lowest profile tag chip part.

Electronics manufacturers can leverage RFID to monitor work in progress, track inventory, follow board revision history, and prevent counterfeiting. The protection the package offers enables many new opportunities to use UHF RFID in the industrial marketplace.

Monza is supported by a family of innovative antenna designs that not only optimize tag performance for wide-ranging requirements and specific market applications, but also enable whole new categories of use.

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