Monza 4 Datasheet


Monza 4D/4E has reached End of Life and is not recommended for new designs. Please refer to this article for more details including replacement recommendations: Monza 4D/4E EOL


With the Monza® 4 tag chips, Impinj builds upon the field-proven Monza chip family—well regarded in the industry as the most reliable, consistent, flexible, and fully UHF Gen 2-compliant tag chips available. The Monza 4 family provides a variety of models to suit diverse applications, including unique RFID privacy, tag orientation insensitivity, competitive and consistent read/write performance, and memory options optimized for use in manufacturing and supply chain industries.


  • True3D™ antenna technology—patented, dual-differential antenna ports enable compact Omni-directional tags, improving item-level read reliability
  • QT™ technology—protects business sensitive data while assuring consumers of privacy
    • Private/Public data profiles—two different memory maps that enable tag owners to control exposure of data
    • Short-range option to prevent unauthorized access
  • Inlay compatibility between all Monza 4 tag chips
  • Available memory options to support large user-memory applications
  • BlockPermalock Gen2 command adds flexibility in memory usage
  • FastID™ mode enables 2x to 3x faster EPC+TID inventory for authentication and other TID-based applications
  • TagFocus™ mode suppresses previously read tags to enable capture of more tags
  • 96 bit Serialized TID with 48 bit Serial Number
  • Superior read sensitivity of -19.5 dBm (single port operation) or -22 dBm (with True3D) with a single dipole tag
  • High performance write sensitivity of -16.7 dBm, with a single dipole tag, for unparalleled commissioning and bulk encoding reliability
  • Memory write speed of 3.4 ms for 32-bit writes enables 1200 tags/minute programming
  • Extended temperature range (-40 oC to +85 oC) for performance under hard conditions
  • Impinj’s field-rewritable NVM (optimized for RFID) provides 100,000-cycle/50-year retention reliability
  • EPCglobal and ISO 18000-63 compliant, Gen2V2 compliant
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