Indy R500 R1000 R2000 Development Kit Files

The Indy R500, R1000, and R2000 Development Kits were designed to facilitate development of embedded systems using the Indy family of RFID reader chips. The development kits include a CD that contains documentation, software, and firmware to facilitate use of the kits. The contents of the CD are reproduced here for easy access.

Single zip file
 Download Indy R500, R1000, & R2000 Development Kit CD Contents Image (Documentation and Software)
Individual files
 Download Indy R1000 Development Kit Hardware
 Download Indy R500 & R2000 Development Kit Hardware
 Download Indy Development Platform Quick Start Guide
 Download Indy R500, R1000, & R2000 Development Kit Interface Hardware
 Download Indy R2000 PCB Schematic
 Download Indy R1000 PCB Schematic
 Download Indy R500 PCB Schematic
 Download Indy Interface PCB Schematic

Note: The Indy reader Module Development Kits' downloads are documented here: RS500, RS1000, RS2000.

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