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Connect directly to Speedway via an ethernet cable


In firmware or later you can connect directly to Speedway using an ethernet cable. This is particularly useful when a DHCP based LAN is not handy.

Step 1:

Connect an ethernet cable between your PC/laptop and Speedway

Step 2:

Access Speedway at address

  • Using a web browser connect  to
  • Connect to RShell using ssh


Note: The Speedway reader must set to ipAddressMode=’Dynamic’     (default setting)

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    Is the default address always this zeroconf one of And what does it look like when I am provisioning multiple readers at the same time and thus will have an IP confilict?

    If I do a factory default reset (aka the paper clip reset button) on 4.12 will the reader revert to using this default multicast address of


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    James Skinner


    If is not available, the reader will then randomly select a fixed IP address in the 169.254.xxx.xxx link local address range.

    This feature is mainly useful for configuring one reader at a time. For configuring multiple readers at a time it would be best to have a DHCP network that allows you to address by the speedwayr-XX-XX-XX where -XX-XX-XX is the part of the speedway mac address.

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