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TID Memory Maps for Monza Self-Serialization


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Monza Self-Serialization Overview

RFID tags have been applied to billions of apparel items and an increasing number of retailers are requesting RFID tagged items from their suppliers. RFID systems require that each item have a unique serial number so that it can be identified or counted; so brand owners are faced with the challenge of managing and encoding unique serial numbers across their global, and often complex, supply chains.

In the past, brand owners only had a choice between implementing and administering their own IT-based serialization systems or outsourcing serial number management to one or more qualified third-party service bureaus. These options for implementing or outsourcing serialization may force brand owners to change their business processes in ways that increase costs or decrease their supply chain responsiveness and flexibility.

With Monza® Self-Serialization brand owners have an easy to deploy and scalable EPC serialization method based on Impinj’s breakthrough tag chip serial number management and an ecosystem of high-performance encoding solutions. Monza Self-Serialization enables brand owners to generate a serial number directly from their tag’s Monza chip, eliminating the need for IT systems to coordinate, distribute and synchronize serial numbers. In addition, brand owners gain control and flexibility to choose when, where and how they manage their RFID tagging processes and deliver properly tagged products.

At the heart of Monza Self-Serialization are Impinj’s Monza R6, Monza 5 and Monza 4 tag chips. Boasting leading encoding performance and built-in scalable serialization, these tag chips are supported by a global ecosystem of high quality inlay manufacturers and service bureaus. Monza Self-Serialization allows RFID printer encoders and inline or bulk encoding solutions based on the Impinj STP® source tagging platform to construct a unique Serialized Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN) under the hood, using existing IT-based barcode and variable data management business processes.

Monza Self-Serialization allows:

  • Scalable serialization built into Monza 4, Monza 5 & Monza R6 tag chips
  • SGTIN serial numbers generated directly from Monza's unalterable Tag Identifier (TID)
  • EPC data quality and integrity with verifiable SGTIN at any point in supply chain
  • Forward compatible with future generations of Monza tag chips

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