Monza Tag Lock Control Application

Ever wonder what the lock status of a Monza tag is?  What about setting the lock status, or the Access password, or the Kill password?  Ever tried to Permalock or Kill a tag?

The attached application seeks to make the job of answering these questions and fulfilling these actions straightforward. Download the attached zip and view the readme file for details or see below. 

Using the application

The application is configured to use a fixed Speedway Revolution configuration of the following:

  1. Antenna connected to port 1
  2. Tx Power of 22 dBm
  3. Rx Sensitivity of -55 dBm
  4. Search Mode - DualTarget
  5. Session 1

When you run the tag lock application, it appears as follows:

Reader control couldn't be simpler - just put in your reader hostname/IP address in the box and hit connect!  When the application has connected, the Reader connection status indicator changes to green.  If a connection problem occurs, it changes to red, and the status bar is updated with a message indicating what the connection problem was. Once connected, simply hit the "Get tag Lock Status" button, and the application will read the tag lock bit status information from reserved memory and indicate the current status by setting the indicators for the bits that have been set to green, as in the following example:

Note also that the bits in the "Set" section are also shown as being set.  In order to change the lock status of any of the bits, simply click the appropriate bit to set in the "Set" section and hit the "Set tag Lock Status" button to write the Lock payload to the tag.  The status of the command will be indicated in the status bar.

There are a couple of things to note about how the application works:

  • It is important to read the current settings from a tag first; the EPC value is used as a filter when issuing the tag Lock command
  • A Tag Kill password MUST be set before the tag Kill bit can be set
  • For Monza tags with no User Memory, the User Memory Lock and Permalock bits are set and cannot be changed (the above image is for a Monza 5 tag chip).
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