Indy RS2000 Development Kit Files

The RS2000 Development Kit enables quick evaluation and development with RS2000. It provides an easy way to communicate with the RS2000 via RS-232, and provides easy access to the inputs and outputs of the device.

This page contains the files that are distributed along with the kit.

Single zip file
 RS2000 Development Kit Flash Drive
Individual files
 RS2000 Development Kit Quick Start Guide
 RS2000 Development Board Schematic
 RS2000 Development Kit Design Files
 RS2000 Development Board Layout
 Indy Demo Tool

Included with the kit but not reproduced here are the Indy RS2000 datasheet and hardware user guide.

These files document the production version of the kit PCB, which has a revision number of 0.04 (visible in silkscreen on the top center of the PCB, between the UFL connectors).

Note: The Indy R500, R1000, and R2000 Development Kits' downloads are documented here. The Indy RS500 Development Kit's downloads are documented here.

RS2000 development board picture:


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