Setting up Octane SDK Java with Netbeans

The Octane SDK Java is compatible with various Java IDE(s). The Setup tasks include:

  • Importing the Octane SDK .jar file into your favorite IDE
  • Setting up your IDE to build the sample files
  • Passing the hostname property to the sample applications from the IDE
  • Running the sample applications

How to setup Octane SDK Java with Netbeans

  • Download and install netbeans from
  • Download Octane SDK for Java from
  • Extract OctaneSDK-<version> to a folder.

  • Create a new project in NetBeans
  • Select File->New Project.  Select Java application and press Next.

  • Provide a project name, Location, and press Finish.

  • Now edit the project’s properties by right clicking on the project and selecting Properties.

  • Select the Sources Category Press the "top" Add Folder… button for the Source Package Folders:

  • Select the samples folder and press OK.


  • Now, in the Properties dialog select Libraries in Categories and then Press the Add Jar/Folder button.


  • Select OctaneSDKJava-<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar to add to your project and press Open.

  • Select the Run Category and add the speedway or xarray hostname that you want to run your sample applications on. For example, I put “-Dhostname=speedwayr-11-49-77” under VM options. Your hostname will be different. Press OK.

  • Now test the ReadTags sample. Make sure that you set Main Project to Octane56 by right mouse clicking on Octane56 and selecting set as Main Project.

  • Run the Read Tags example by right mouse clicking on and pressing Run File.

  • You should now be able read tag(s) that are in the field of view.

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