Monza 4 UMI Bit Function Change

Impinj is making a minor change to Monza 4 products (Monza 4D IPJ-W1513-xxx, Monza 4E IPJW1510-xxx and Monza 4QT IPJ-W1512-xxx) to comply with UMI bit functionality in the Gen2V2 specification. Currently in Monza 4, the value of the UMI bit in the EPC memory bank is computed based on presence or absence of data in the user memory. After the change, the UMI bit of Monza 4 products will be set to a default value of 1 to indicate presence of user memory bank. Only for Monza 4QT, the UMI bit value will change to 0 automatically when it is configured to Public Mode indicating no user memory. 

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