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Supported Regions and Geographies


The following table outlines the different regions and geographies that each Impinj reader supports.*

  Approved Part Number
Country/Region IPJ-REV-R120-xxxxxx
(1-port reader)
(2-port reader)
(4-port reader)
Australia N/A N/A GX3xxx GX3xxx GX3xxx GX3xxx
Brazil N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx
Canada USAxxx USAxxx USAxxx FCC USAxxx USAxxx
China GX2xxx GX2xxx GX2xxx GX2xxx GX2xxx GX2xxx
European Union EU1xxx EU1xxx EU1xxx EU1 EU1xxx EU1xxx
Hong Kong N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx
India N/A EU1xxx EU1xxx N/A EU1xxx N/A
Indonesia N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx N/A GX1xxx
Japan (920 MHz) N/A N/A JP2xxx N/A N/A JP2xxx
Korea N/A N/A GX2xxx GX2xxx N/A GX2xxx
Malaysia N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx N/A
Mexico N/A N/A USAxxx FCC USAxxx USAxxx
New Zealand N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx N/A
Philippines N/A N/A GX1xxx N/A N/A N/A
Singapore** N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx
South Africa N/A GX2xxx GX2xxx GX2xxx GX2xxx GX2xxx
Taiwan N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx
Thailand N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx GX1xxx N/A
UAE EU1xxx EU1xxx EU1xxx N/A EU1xxx EU1xxx
Uruguay N/A GX1xxx GX1xxx N/A N/A N/A
USA (FCC) USAxxx USAxxx USAxxx FCC USAxxx USAxxx
Vietnam N/A N/A GX1xxx N/A N/A N/A

*Subject to change.  Support includes an LLRP region identification number and a regulatory certificate where required.  Regulatory certification is voluntary in some countries. N/A indicates there is no certification for that device and therefore this product cannot be used in that region.

** Users in Singapore are required to obtain a license for each use case where the radiated power during operation is between 500mW and 2000mW. Contact the local regulatory authority (IDMA or ARFM respectively) to obtain a license.

To ensure regulatory compliance, professional installers / integrators must follow the transmit power setting instructions provided in the Installation and Operations Guide. Impinj recommends readers should be used with the antennas listed in Appendix A of the Installation and Operations Guide or with antenna(s) of the same type with equal or less gain. RFID Integrators should contact the regulatory agency in the country where equipment is to be used to determine if their RFID system requires any additional testing/certification.

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