Indy RS500 and RS2000 ETSI Compliance Documentation

The Indy RS500-EU and RS2000-1 module SKUs are designed to operate in ETSI regions by using an ETSI SAW filter as well as user-selectable frequency tables.

Impinj tests the RS500-EU and RS2000-1 hardware at manufacturing to determine ETSI compliance, and failing units are scrapped. Impinj also tests the application firmware images with each release to ensure that they meets ETSI regulations.

Because the RS500-EU and RS2000-1 are mere electronic components, and not full RFID systems including an antenna, they are not eligible for ETSI certification. RS500-EU and RS2000-1 can only be ETSI certified as part of a larger RFID system.

However, to demonstrate that RS500-EU and RS2000-1 can achieve ETSI certification, Impinj has generated two documents to demonstrate ETSI spectral compliance and ETSI Radio Equipment Directive (RED) test compliance.

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