Product Change Notification (PCN): Impinj R700 series firmware update, version 8.2.2

Impinj would like to inform you that a new revision of Impinj R700 series reader firmware is now available.

Reader firmware version 8.2.2 has been released to address a minor boot-up loop issue that has a small chance of occurring on boot-up of an Impinj R720 readers. This boot-up loop is remedied by a hard power cycle, however it is recommended that any Impinj R720 readers with version 8.2.0 firmware be upgraded to version 8.2.2.

Impinj has made R700 series firmware version 8.2.2 available today via the Impinj Support portal to facilitate updating existing Impinj R720 readers that have version 8.2.0 firmware.

Beginning in February 2024 Impinj R700 and Impinj R720 readers will ship from the factory with version 8.2.2 firmware.  Note that older firmware versions (v. 8.1.7 and earlier) cannot be used with Impinj R720.

Version 8.2.2 also includes additional bugfixes and security improvements, please refer to the release notes for additional details.

Additional resources

To access Impinj R700 firmware version 8.2.2, please visit the Impinj R700 Reader Documents and Downloads support page.

How do I get additional support?

Your business is very important to us, and we are committed to supporting you through this transition. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your Impinj account manager or the Impinj support team at

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