Environmental Impact Reduction Program

Wafer Frame Recycling Program

Environmental sustainability is increasingly growing in importance globally and Impinj is committed to leading the industry in this area. We created our Environmental Impact Reduction Program to recognize and monitor environmental impacts and deploy strategies to minimize waste, reduce carbon footprints, and improve the overall sustainability of our business and industry.

One of the steps Impinj has taken toward reaching this goal is the launch of our Wafer Frame Recycling Program. This program provides tag and inlay manufacturers with a low-burden means of wafer frame disposal through recycling. We only ask that you prepare your consumed Impinj steel wafer frames for shipment to the Impinj recycling center each calendar quarter. Impinj arranges shipment and pays all shipping fees. The wafer frame return instructions are outlined below.

We appreciate your partnership on this important initiative.

Return Instructions

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Prior to shipment, store frames in a manner that prevents them being bent, scratched, dirty, or otherwise damaged.
  • Only return steel wafer frames originally supplied by Impinj.
  • After the close of the previous quarter:
    • Load frames into shipping boxes (please do not load more than 200 frames in each box).
    • Consolidate the shipping boxes on a pallet if more than 3000 frames are to be returned.
    • Notify via email the Impinj Shipping Department at Impinj_Shipping_Receiving@impinj.com with the following information:
      • Quantity of frames
      • Count of boxes
      • Dimensions of each box or pallet ready for collection
      • Pickup contact, location and date available for pickup

Once notified, the Impinj shipping staff will create a commercial invoice and packing slip for the shipment. Our freight forwarder will be instructed to collect the frames at your location. Freight will be paid by Impinj.

How Do I Get Additional Information?

If you have additional questions, please contact the Impinj Shipping and Receiving department at Impinj_Shipping_Receiving@impinj.com and CC the Impinj support team at support@impinj.com with the email subject line “Wafer Frame Recycling Program”.

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