Getting Started with Speedway Connect

Here is what to do when configuring Speedway Connect including hardware setup and software installation. Speedway Connect is compatible with Speedway (R120, R220, R420) and also the xArray, xSpan, and xPortal gateways.

Step 1) Start by setting up your reader or gateway hardware

Speedway (R120/22/420) and xPortal xArray and xSpan
  1. Attach antennas to the reader as desired. Take care not to cross thread the antenna cable.

  2. Connect the reader to a PC either directly or via router or switch using a standard Ethernet cable (no crossover required).

  3. (Optional) Connect USB host-to-device cable and/or RS-232 cable between Speedway Revolution reader and PC

    1. The flat USB Host end will connect to the PC.

    2. The “more square” USB device end will connect to the USB Device port on the reader.

    3. RS-232 pins are located on the reader’s 15 pin GPIO port. See the SpeedwayR Installation and Operations Guide for details on the GPIO port.

      1. Pin 2 – Receive

      2. Pin 3 – Transmit 

      3. Pin 7 - Ground 

  4. Connect power to the Speedway Revolution and wait for the reader to boot. (~90 sec). Use Power supply or PoE.

    Speedway Connectors


  1. Connect the xSpan or xArray to a PC either directly or via router or switch using a standard Ethernet cable (no crossover required).
  2. (Optional) Connect USB host-to-device cable and/or RS-232 cable between the gateway and PC
    • The flat USB Host end will connect to the PC.
    • The “more square” USB device end will connect to the USB Device port on the reader.
  3. Connect power supply or PoE to the gateway and wait for it to boot. (~90 sec).

xArray Connectors

xSpan Connectors


Step 2) Load Speedway Connect software on your Speedway or gateway

If you received Speedway Connect in a .upg file format, simply load it on the reader or gateway in the exact same way firmware is loaded.  Please upgrade to the latest firmware version before installing. Firmware upgrade files are available from your Impinj authorized partner and very easy to load using the WebUI.

When successfully installed, the reader Web UI will display 'Application SW Version' information.

Follow the links to get more information on connecting to the reader and using the WebUI to upgrade firmware.

For more advanced installation/upgrade option for Speedway Connect, click here.

Step 3) Configure the reader and start reading tags

Point your PC browser to https://speedwayr-xx-xx-xx.local where xx-xx-xx are the last 6 characters of the MAC. You can also use the reader IP address if it is known.  https://xarray-xx-xx-xx.local for xArray or https://xspan-xx-xx-xx.local for xSpan.   Browser supported: Chrome, FIrefox, and Edge.

  1. For example, if connecting to a Speedway Revolution reader with a MAC address of 00:16:25:10:54:F9, the url to enter in your browser would be: https://speedwayr-10-54-f9.local
    1. In some instances the '.local' is not required (i.e. reader is on an enterprise network)
    2. Be sure to include the HTTPS (secure browser) in order to get the Speedway Connect Web UI.
    3.  A message may appear warning about security certificate, select 'Continue Anyway' or 'Ignore' (exact message and continue option will depend on your browser). 
  2. Enter the user name and password, the default is:
    1. Username: root
    2. Password: impinj
  3. Configure the application as desired.
  4. Enter the license key if available and click [Save].  The license keys are loaded in the "Speedway Connect Administration" section of the UI. If you need a license key for Connect 2.X, please purchase SKU IPJ-S4001. 
  5. The app will start running after the [Save] button is clicked. Once configured, the reader does not need to remain connected to the Ethernet network unless it is sending tag data out that port.

                                                         Speedway Connect Web UI

For help on specific features, click on the question mark icons along the right side of the Web UI.

Demo Mode or Use of License Key

The Speedway Connect software, downloadable from is a fully functional "demo" version.  This software will only run for 500 tag reports without a license key and then the program is disabled.  To continue to use Speedway Connect in this mode, you can visit the Speedway Connect web user interface (UI) on the reader and click "Save".  This will provide an additional 500 tag reports.

Once you are ready to use Speedway Connect (SKU IPJ-S4001) in an uninterrupted (non-demo) mode, you will need to purchase a Speedway Connect license from your authorized Impinj reseller or distributor.  They will provide you with a license key (one key is required per reader). Each reader must have its own unique license key loaded in the Speedway Connect Web UI which is based on the reader's serial number.

The license key does not persist if a new version of Speedway Connect is installed so it is very important to save the license key in a safe place.

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