Impinj Speedway Connect on-reader software capabilities

Impinj Speedway Connect on-reader software, when installed on an Impinj Speedway RAIN RFID reader or an Impinj gateway device, provides a solution for many different use cases because of all of its product capabilities. The table below identifies the specific capabilities associated with each product.

Product Capabilities Speedway R120/220/420 xArray R680 xSpan R660 xPortal R640
In addition to the tag's EPC, the tag's x, y location can be computed and reported. Location accuracy is typically within 1.5 meters or 5 feet. This feature is available for all Gen2 tags.   Yes     
Impinj Speedway Connect will determine the direction of movement of up to 50 tags passing by or under a gateway.
  • xSpan mounted overhead or on a wall, provides 2 directions. Example: IN or OUT.
  • Up to 4 directions of travel with an overhead mounted xArray. Example: North, South, East, or West.
  Yes  Yes   
Data delivery options
Store tag reads in a file on a USB stick attached to the Speedway reader for later retrieval by FTP or by moving the USB stick to another location.
  • Configure Impinj Speedway Connect to output to "USB Flash Drive"

  • Put a FAT formatted drive in the USB Host port on the Speedway reader.

  • Impinj Speedway Connect will write tag data to the drive, creating a new file every hour.

  • If using FTP, the location of the USB drive is: /mnt/usbfs/usbsda1

  • This feature should be used when you want to save tag reads even when network outages occur

Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Output tag reads to a configured TCP/IP Socket (Default).
  • Configure Impinj Speedway Connect to output to "TCP/IP Socket" on a specified port.
  • A client can connect to the Speedway reader on the configured TCP/IP Socket to get tag reads.
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Send tag information to the device connected on the serial port.
  • Configure Impinj Speedway Connect to output to "Serial Port" and specify a Baud Rate.
  • Whatever is connected to the serial port on the reader will receive the tag information.
  • Serial port is also available on the Impinj xPortal RAIN RFID gateway.
Yes      Yes 
HTTP post tag information to a remote server on a fairly regular interval
  • Configure Impinj Speedway Connect to output to "HTTP Post" (and "HTTP Post Proxy" if needed).
  • Impinj Speedway Connect allows for specifying a "Reader Name" to be the unique identifier of the reader.
  • Both Authentication and Proxy information can be specified for connecting to the remote HTTP Web Service.
  • Tag information will only be sent if it is available and the minimum Update Interval has expired.
  • If the Update Interval is too low, tag information will be sent as fast as Impinj Speedway Connect can process it and all other output has been sent. 
  • Impinj Speedway Connect will hold onto a maximum of roughly 5000 tags when an HTTP Post fails for either a bad network connection or an HTTP Post failure response. Once the 5000 tag limit is reached, the new tags will start overwriting the oldest data. The read data will be saved on the reader as long as it is powered on. When the connection to the network is restored, the reader automatically sends saved data to the specified destination. Please note that this is only when using HTTP Post.
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Data content options
Output various pieces of information captured about the tag and reader when a tag is read including:
  • Antenna Port
  • Timestamp
  • Peak RSSI
  • TID (Monza Tags only)
  • User Memory
  • Heartbeat

Note: The information output by Impinj Speedway Connect will be delimited by either a space, tab, or comma.

Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
The Heartbeat feature allows the Speedway reader's health to be monitored at all times regardless if there are tags in the field of view of the reader or gateway.
  • When you configure Impinj Speedway Connect to output a Heartbeat on a regular interval (a.k.a. Period), Impinj Speedway Connect will output a fictitious tag with EPC "*" (or "******") via the Serial Port or HTTP Post Output options on a regular basis.

Note: If the Update Interval is too low, tag information will be sent as fast as Impinj Speedway Connect can process it and all other output has been sent.

Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Impinj Speedway Connect can be a barcode scanner and have the EPC show up on your computer screen in the currently active application.
  • Configure Speedway Connect to output only the EPC to Keyboard Emulation (USB-HID) [US Keyboard]
Yes      Yes 
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