Indy Module Breakout Board

The attached PCB design was created by Impinj to demonstrate how to design a single PCB to accommodate both Indy RS500/RS1000 reader modules and the larger Indy RS2000 reader module. All three modules share the same host interface, and similar electrical interfaces, so a single PCB design can work with all three. The PCB implements the same core functionality as the RS500 and RS2000 development boards, exposing a host connection via an FTDI USB-UART IC, LEDs to display the state of the IOs, and 1 or 2 SMA antenna connections. Power can be supplied using a generic 5 Volt, 2+ Amp DC power supply with a center positive 2.1/5.5 mm barrel jack connector, for example the iMBA-5V2A-1PK. 5V power can also be applied using a generic power supply at J26.

Only slight differences in population are required to use the different modules. RS500 and RS1000 should be mounted as component U1, or RS2000 can be mounted as U5. If RS500 or RS1000 are mounted, R54 should be populated with a 0 Ohm resistor, and only J24 need be populated as an antenna connection. If RS2000 is mounted, R54 should not be mounted, and both J24 and J25 may be used.

The design was created in Cadence's Allegro PCB EDA suite. Allegro version 16.6-2015 was used. Design source files, gerbers, bill of materials (BOM), and schematic are attached for download.




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