Indy Reader Module Product Briefs/Brochures


Impinj Indy RS2000/RS1000/RS500 are not recommended for new designs. Please see the Product Notice for additional details.

The Impinj Indy reader surface-mount module family lowers the cost and complexity of embedding RAIN RFID reader capability into products. Retail and healthcare applications from access control to inventory management use Indy reader surface-mount modules to identify, locate and authenticate items in real-time.

Building on Impinj’s market-leading chip technology, the Indy surface-mount modules: RS500, RS1000, and RS2000, are completely integrated reader solutions that only need three connections (DC power, UART host communication, and antennas) to start reading tags. Indy surface-mount modules are fully tested for worldwide compliance and meet regulatory requirements, enabling fast time-to-market, low development risk and leading value.

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