Indy Reader Module Product Briefs/Brochures


Impinj Indy RS2000/RS1000 are not recommended for new designs and their End of Life timeline was announced in September 2020. The Impinj Indy RS500 is also not recommended for new designs. Impinj will continue to supply the Impinj RS500 reader modules to customer designs that are currently in production. The Impinj RS500 is currently available as a build-to-order product with minimum order quantities required for orders with a requested ship date after March 31, 2021. Please see the Impinj Reader Module Customer Notifications Support page for additional details.

The Impinj Indy reader surface-mount module family lowers the cost and complexity of embedding RAIN RFID reader capability into products. Retail and healthcare applications from access control to inventory management use Indy reader surface-mount modules to identify, locate and authenticate items in real-time.

Building on Impinj’s market-leading chip technology, the Indy surface-mount modules: RS500, RS1000, and RS2000, are completely integrated reader solutions that only need three connections (DC power, UART host communication, and antennas) to start reading tags. Indy surface-mount modules are fully tested for worldwide compliance and meet regulatory requirements, enabling fast time-to-market, low development risk and leading value.

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