Monza X-8K Pin 1 Marking Improvement

As part of our continuous quality improvement process, Impinj is making a minor change to the Monza X-8K product (part number IPJ-P6005-X2AT) to improve the alignment between the physical Pin 1 of the device and the associated indicator marking. After this change, the indicator marking will be moved 100um to the left and away from the date and product code characters. This avoids ambiguity of the location of the Pin 1 marking and aids in the operation of optical alignment and inspection systems.

The date code upon which this change takes effect is “1807” as shown on the shipping box label, or “807” as shown on the device markings. The datasheet has been updated to reflect the new marking location. This change does not otherwise affect the mechanical dimensions or functionality of this product.

If you have questions about this product notification, please contact the Impinj Support Team (

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