Monza R6 Enduro Products Country of Origin Update

This is an amended version of Impinj PCN “Monza R6 Enduro™ Products Country of Origin,” dated September 25, 2018. The country of origin for Monza R6 Enduro™ products listed below has been amended to align with the existing manufacturing process.  

Product Impact

A second Enduro processing location in Taiwan has been qualified (refer to PCN “Expanded Impinj Wafer Manufacturing Capability,” dated April 19, 2019), which affects the country of origin. There are otherwise no changes to the products or manufacturing processes. Impinj commercial invoices will reflect the updated country of origin for the products listed below. 

Sales Item Number


 Updated Country of Origin


 Monza R6



 Monza R6-P



 Monza R6-A



 Monza R6-B 



How do I get additional information?

If you have additional questions, please contact your salesperson and CC the Impinj support team at, with the email subject line “Monza R6 COO Update”.

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