Monza R6 Expanded Wafer Shipping

Expanded Impinj wafer shipping capability qualified and in production

Since August 2017, in addition to our US facility, Impinj has been shipping Monza 4 and Monza 5 to our Asia customers from our expanded wafer facility, located in Thailand. We are pleased to announce that our Asia customers will also be able to receive our Monza R6 family of products from this same facility after 14th February 2019.

Key details are as follows:

  • Monza 4 and Monza 5 will continue to ship from our Thailand facility
  • Monza R6 and Monza R6-P, Monza R6-A and Monza R6-B can also begin shipping from our Thailand facility starting 14th February 2019
  • Customers will see no change in product material, quality, processing or packaging.
  • There will be no change in shipment documentation, FTP site administration, or customer shipment notifications.
  • Impinj reserves the right to make decisions on shipment origination (USA or Thailand) for Asia based customers.
  • All US based customer shipping locations will continue to be serviced from Seattle.

How do I get additional information?

If you have additional questions, please contact your salesperson and CC the Impinj support team at

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