Installing / Upgrading Speedway Connect

The following methods are available for installing / upgrading Impinj Speedway Connect software:

1. Using the Web Management UI (Reader Web UI)

2. Automatically via Metafile

Install / Upgrade Impinj Speedway Connect software through the Impinj Management Web UI

Impinj Speedway readers support installing / upgrading Impinj Speedway Connect software using the Impinj Management Web UI.

  1. Connect to the reader using a web browser http://<reader hostname or IP address>
    Examples: http://speedwayr-10-00-dd.local/ or
  2. Log in to the reader.
  3. Click the gray "Choose File" button and then select the Speedway Connect software .upg file.
  4. Click the red Upgrade button.
  5. After the upgrade is complete, click the red Reboot button.

Install / Upgrade Impinj Speedway Connect Software Automatically via Metafile

This is an automatic install / upgrade method that, after it has been configured, allows a Reader to:

  • periodically retrieve an Install / Upgrade Configuration Metafile
  • determine from the configuration data if an install / upgrade needs to be performed

This mode also allows simultaneous installs / upgrades of Impinj Speedway Connect software through the use of a single Upgrade Configuration Metafile. For this method, the user creates a custom Upgrade Configuration Metafile (“Metafile”). The Metafile is stored on a remote server. The user configures the location of the Metafile as a URI. The Reader downloads the Metafile at a configurable periodic interval, called the retrieve period. The Reader then uses the content of the Metafile to make automatic install / upgrade decisions. The Reader remembers the retrieve mode, retrieve period, and URI across power cycles. This allows the Reader to resume the auto method after a system reboot. Typically, when the Reader retrieves the Metafile, it finds that no install / upgrade is needed. In the absence of any Metafile changes on the server, the Impinj Speedway Connect software version that is running and the Metafile versions are the same.

Example of Metafile

- Installing / Upgrading Speedway Connect 2.6.0 on R420
- Auto retrieval period = 60 min
- Metafile is stored on an HTTP serve at as an example

    reader-model: "Speedway R420"

You can simply copy the above, paste into Notepad, modify the URI according to your environment, save it as metafile.txt, and place it on a file server of your choice.

For more detail about this upgrade method, please consult the Firmware Upgrade Reference Manual available here.

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