Impinj xArray Gateway Mounting Plate and Radome Changes

Impinj is updating the xArray gateway mounting plate and radome to support an optional safety feature. The xArray mounting plate latch includes a through hole that can accommodate a safety screw. When a screw is threaded through the hole into the xArray chassis and tightened, the screw prevents unlatching of the chassis from the mounting plate. This feature is useful to avoid accidental de-latching in field deployments.

The xArray latch width increased to accommodate the screw through hole. The xArray radome incorporates a larger latch notch to accommodate the wider latch. Updated mounting plates are incompatible with legacy radomes.

xArray gateways with HLA numbers 2.1 or greater incorporate the mounting plate and radome changes. The HLA numbers are printed on the label attached to each product.

Following are HLA by product part number:

Product Part Number HLA Revision Incorporating Changes
IPJ-REV-R680-EU11M1 8783.352-02P/-03P Rev 2.10 or greater
IPJ-REV-R680-EU21M1 8783.390-03P Rev 3.00 or greater
IPJ-REV-R680-GX11M1 8783.354-02P/-03P Rev 2.10 or greater
IPJ-REV-R680-GX21M1 8783.356-02P/-03P Rev 2.10 or greater
IPJ-REV-R680-GX31M1 8783.368-02P/-03P Rev 2.10 or greater
IPJ-REV-R680-JP21M1 8783.362-02P/-03P Rev 2.10 or greater
IPJ-REV-R680-USA1M1 8783.350-02P/-03P Rev 2.10 or greater

If you have questions about these updates, please contact Impinj at

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