ItemSense Threshold Discrepancy Collateral


End of Support was announced for Impinj ItemSense on December 14, 2020. Please see the end-of-support product notice for details.


From time to time we hear from customers that they are getting incorrect Threshold Transitions and ask Impinj Support ( for assistance troubleshooting what may be wrong.  For Impinj Support to properly determine what is going on, the following information is needed:

  1. The Iteration Data Logs
  2. The Profile Blob associated with the Recipe being ran.
  3. The output that was expected to occur.

The Iteration Data Logs

The Iteration Data Logs tell us what tags were read by the gateway and when. You need to enable Iteration Data Logging by clicking the "Iteration Data Log Enabled" checkbox on the Recipe prior to running the Job.


When you start the job, you need to run through your use case(s) and keep track of what you expected to occur.  After you run through the use case you will need to send support the Iteration Data Logs to Impinj.  The Iteration Data Logs can be obtained by downloading the ItemSense Logs:


You specify a date range, include auxiliary service logs, and click the "Download Logs" file



The Profile Blob

The Profile Blob is an encrypted text found in the recipe of the job being run.  It provides us the Threshold Algorithm Settings ItemSense uses to make sense out of the Threshold environment. The easiest way to get this Profile Blob is by going to the recipe and copying the "Profile Name" value.


  Another way to get us this information is to export the ItemSense Configuration.


You can click the "Export Configuration" button to get the full ItemSense Configuration.


Just make sure to tell Impinj Support which Recipe(s) was(were) used for the Iteration Data Log Files used.

The Expected Output

In order for Impinj Support to figure out what didn't work, the output that was expected to occur will be needed.   The more details the better it will be for us to determine what went on.  At a minimum, the following information should be provided:

  1.  The EPC
  2. The Threshold the tag went through
  3. The Direction the tag went
  4. Either
    • The date and time the tag went through (When the same EPC goes through the Threshold multiple times.)  or
    • The order of the EPCs going through.

Without this information we will not be able to determine why you did not receive the expected results.

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