Reader Mode 1002 – Autoset Dense Reader Deep Scan Overview

Starting in Octane 6.0.3, the default reader mode for Impinj Readers and Gateways has been changed from reader mode 1000 to reader mode 1002. Reader mode 1002 provides the best in class RF Sensitivity and good RF Interference Immunity. For inventory applications reader mode 1002 is the recommended starting point as it will read tagged items over the largest area with highest accuracy. Additionally, reader mode 1002 outperforms other modes for applications with large static tag populations in dense reader environments.

Theory of Operation

Reader mode 1002 achieves highest sensitivity and interference immunity by cycling through a list of predefined reader modes. Impinj has chosen a combination of faster modes and slower Dense Reader Modes to optimize unique tag reads. This blend of reader modes allows easy-to-read tags to be accessed quickly, while ensuring that harder-to-read tags are accounted for when the reader switches to using the Dense Reader Modes. One drawback to this approach is a slower tag read rate. Figure 1 shows the difference in performance between reader mode 1002 and reader mode 1000.


Additional Resources

To learn more about choosing the reader mode for your application Reader Modes Made Easy provides an overview and comparison of all reader modes. Optimizing Tag Throughput Using ReaderMode provides guidance for applications where high read rate is required.

Download the latest version of the Octane firmware here: Octane Firmware for Readers

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