Reader/Gateway Application related messages and what they mean


The following tables provide additional detail on common messages you might receive when using Impinj Software.  If you encounter an error message not listed on the following table please contact our support team.

If you use our ItemTest and Speedway Connect application(s), we put messages you might see in the table below.

Software Messages

Application Version Message Meaning Action to Take
* * A client initiated connection already exists  Another application is already connected to the reader on the configured LLRP port. Please check the Web UI to determine from what machine the connection is happening from. If it shows "" you will either need to disable or remove the embedded application (e.g. Speedway Connect) running on the reader. Otherwise a client application or ItemTest will need to be closed to release the LLRP connection. You might be able to get away with a reboot of the reader to relinquish the control.
* * Error connecting to the reader (<reader name>): Timeout. Communication with the reader is down.  Please go through our Reader/Gateway Troubleshooting Connectivity Guide (
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