Change to Monza X-8K Package Marking and Ordering Part Number

Impinj is changing the Monza X-8K package symbolization to a single-line marking. This modification enables AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) equipment to more reliably identify the Pin 1 indicator for orientation and alignment purposes. Many AOI tools search for alignment indicators simultaneously at all four corners of the package. This change eliminates the presence of alpha/numeric characters close to the Pin 1 indicator which could inadvertently come into the AOI field of view, thus causing confusion with the actual Pin 1 indicator.

The new marking specification is as follows:

Description Size and Tolerances (µm)
Min Nom Max
Pin 1 diameter 250 300 350
Pin 1 X placement 110 210 310
Pin 1 Y placement 180 280 380
Character height 350 400 450
Character width 150 200 250



Marking legend:


mceclip2.png Pin 1 indicator
1 Production year: Single digit marking (e.g. 9 for Year 2019)
2-3 Production work week (e.g. 52 for WW52)
4-5 Fixed marking: "X8"

To differentiate parts with the new single-line marking from the previous version, Impinj is assigning a new ordering part number. The part number will change from IPJ-P6005-X2AT to IPJ-P6005-X2BT. Customers will continue to receive units with the current marking (IPJ-P6005-X2AT) until existing inventory is depleted. Based on the current consumption rate, the estimated transition date to the new part number will be March 2020.

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