Impinj R700 Reader Documents & Downloads

The following table contains the production releases for use with the Impinj R700 reader (IPJ-R700-141, IPJ-R700-241, and IPJ-R700-341).

Content Download
Firmware  Current Firmware
 Current Firmware Release Notes
Note: Above links are restricted to Impinj authorized partners.


 Quick Start Guide
 Installation and Operations Guide
 RShell Reference Manual
 Impinj R700 Drawing & CAD files
 Impinj Octane Firmware Upgrade Reference Manual
 Impinj Octane LLRP Manual
 Impinj LTK Programmer's Guide
 Impinj Octane SNMP Manual
 Impinj R700 FAQ (available on Impinj Partner Portal)
Software Utility  Impinj ItemTest Software v2.3.0
Development Libraries Host Libraries
 SDK .NET (v3.4.0) via*
 SDK Java (v3.4.0)
 LTK .NET (v10.40.0) via*
 LTK Java (v10.40.0)
 LTK C++ Linux (v10.40.0)
 LTK C (v10.40.0)
 LTK Impinj Definition Files (v10.38.0)

RESTful Interface
 Impinj IoT Device Interface

Embedded/On-Reader Development
 Embedded Development Tools v7.3.0 [Download Checksum]
 Embedded Development Quick Start Guide
 Impinj Embedded Developer's Guide
Application Notes  Migration Application Note
 Configure Inventory using presets
 Troubleshooting MQTT Brokers
 Connecting GPIO Devices to Impinj R700
 ...More Application Notes

*NuGet instructions here

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  • Posted new Impinj R700 Firmware (v7.3.0.240), as well as updated Impinj ItemTest Software, development libraries, and documentation.

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  • Today, Impinj announced the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID Reader is generally available. Please visit this page for all the associated documentation, utilities, development resources and application notes.

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  • Added the Korean translation of the Impinj R700 Quick Start Guide.

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