Product Notification - Impinj Indy Reader Modules and Reader Module Development Kits

This is a formal notification that Impinj is no longer recommending new designs utilizing Impinj Indy reader modules (IPJ-RS500, IPJ-RS1000, IPJ-RS2000) or reader module development kits (IPJ-E4000, IPJ-E4001, IPJ-E4002). Impinj will continue to supply Impinj reader modules to customer designs that are currently in production. The objective of providing this notice is to allow ample time for appropriate product design planning and to identify alternative products for new designs.

Applicable Products

Impinj Product Name Impinj Part Number
Indy RS1000-1 Dev Kit IPJ-E4002-1
Indy RS2000-1 Dev Kit IPJ-E4001-1
Indy RS2000-2 Dev Kit IPJ-E4001-2
Indy RS500 EU Dev Kit IPJ-E4000-EU
Indy RS500 GX Dev Kit IPJ-E4000-GX
Indy RS1000 GX SIP (Engineering) IPJ-RS1000-GX
Indy RS2000-1 SIP FCC/GX IPJ-RS2000-1
Indy RS2000-2 SIP EU IPJ-RS2000-2
Indy RS500 EU SIP IPJ-RS500-EU
Indy RS500 GX SIP IPJ-RS500-GX


The timing of this recommendation is immediate.

Alternative Products

Impinj’s Partners offer a variety of reader modules designed with Impinj reader chips. The following page shows a list of recommended partner reader modules:

Impinj Partner Partner Module Product Impinj Reader Chip Number of Antenna Ports
CAEN RFID Hadron - R4320C Indy R2000 4
Hadron Mini – R1271C* Indy R2000 1
Chainway CM2000-1 Indy R2000 1
CM2000-4 Indy R2000 4
CM2000-8 Indy R2000 8
CM2000-16 Indy R2000 16
Jadak ThingMagic M6e Indy R2000 4
M6e Micro Indy R2000 2
M6e Nano Indy R2000 1
Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) M200** Indy R2000 4
Rodinbell M-2600 Indy R2000 1
M-2670 Indy R2000 1
M-2800 Indy R2000 4
M-2900 Indy R2000 8
M-2916 Indy R2000 16
Silion Technology SLR1100 Indy R2000 4
SLR1200 Indy R2000 1
SLR1200V2 Indy R2000 1
SLR6100 Indy R2000 16

* CAEN RFID Hadron Mini is designed to be pin-for-pin compatible with the Impinj RS1000 module
** MTI M200 is designed to be pin-for-pin compatible with the Impinj RS2000 module

If you have questions, please contact your Impinj salesperson or the Impinj Support Team.

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