Impinj-powered partner reader modules

We are excited to make it simple for you to find reader modules, from our valued partners, that are pin-for-pin and software compatible replacements for the Impinj Indy RS2000 and RS1000 reader modules. A list of direct replacement reader modules, as well as a broad portfolio of Impinj-powered reader modules, can be found on this page.

The first table shows pin-for-pin and software compatible replacement modules for the RS2000 or RS1000. These partner reader modules offer continuity for existing RS2000/RS1000 product designs.

The second table shows a broad portfolio of Impinj-powered reader modules built by Impinj partners for additional consideration.

If you have questions, please contact your Impinj salesperson or the Impinj Support Team at

Replacement Reader Modules
Impinj Partner Partner Contact Information Partner Module Product Replacement For
CAEN RFID Stefano Coluccini
Hadron Mini – R1271C Indy RS1000
Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) Darryn Prince
M200-RS Indy RS2000
Silion Technology Min Li
SLR6800 Indy RS1000
Alternative Reader Modules
Impinj Partner Partner Module Product Impinj Reader Chip Number of Antenna Ports
CAEN RFID Hadron - R4320C Indy R2000 4
Hadron Mini – R1271C* Indy R2000 1
Chainway CM2000-1 Indy R2000 1
CM2000-4 Indy R2000 4
CM2000-8 Indy R2000 8
CM2000-16 Indy R2000 16
Jadak ThingMagic M6e Indy R2000 4
M6e Micro Indy R2000 2
M6e Nano Indy R500 1
Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) M200-RS Indy R2000 4
Rodinbell M-2600 Indy R2000 1
M-2670 Indy R2000 1
M-2800 Indy R2000 4
M-2900 Indy R2000 8
M-2916 Indy R2000 16
Silion Technology SLR1100 Indy R2000 4
SLR1200 Indy R2000 1
SLR1200V2 Indy R2000 1
SLR6100 Indy R2000 16
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